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We will contact you or your gift recipient 2 days before the delivery date to confirm a convenient delivery time. The morning of the delivery date we will call once again to confirm the delivery time. Your recipient will be provided with our contact information so they can inform us in the event they have an emergency and will be unavailable for delivery. Q. What happens if you deliver a gift and the recipient isn't there to collect? If we attempt to deliver a gift and no one is available to accept the delivery we will leave a calling card at the recipients address and you will also receive an email confirming that we were unavailable to deliver. We will contact your recipient to schedule Q.Do you deliver to hospitals? A.This service has be discontinued at the moment due to COVID-19. For hospital delivery, please include the recipient's ward number and ensure that the recipient is not scheduled for discharge within the window of delivery. For patients in critical care, receipt of fruit baskets may not be allowed - telephone the hospital before ordering to inquire about their policies. Q.What days do you deliver? A.We are open Monday to Friday and are happy to deliver your gift within those days. DELIVERY FEES ARE IN US DOLLAR PARISH DELIVERY FEES NATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION FREE PICK UP $0 ST. MICHAEL $7.50 ST. JAMES $7.50 CHRIST CHURCH $10.00 ST. PHILIP $12.50 ST. JOSEPH $12.50 ST. JOHN $12.50 ST. THOMAS $10.00 ST. ANDREW $12.50 ST. GEORGE $10.00 ST. LUCY $12.50